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The Workronomicon is a terrible tome bound in human ennui and with the power to inflict terrible “line go up” brain on mortals. This week’s Patreon preview wasn’t about the Workronomicon, but about how writing characters becomes easier if you put in the effort to figure them out.

And if you somehow haven’t heard yet, I made a video game, and you can play it for free! Check out Space Jerks on


Shane Lees is Employee of the Week! He has a webcomic, Tales of Abuse, which you can check out at his website. You should also check out the Hell, Inc. Patreon, which is my predictable form of income. One of these days it will replace the need to freelance! Not a SOON day, but one day!

You can help out Hell, Inc. for free by clicking the banner below to vote on Top Webcomics, which you can do daily! It helps make the comic more visible to webcomic readers.

Next Week: Sara misreads B.L. Zebub as attempting to be motivational. Read it early on Patreon!

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