No Plan
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No Plan

Happy Canada Day! Living in Canada is actually a pretty significant factor in me being able to make comics, so it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on that.


CANADA! If YOU want to be Employee of the Week, and help me focus on Hell, Inc. instead of freelance work, you can support Hell, Inc. on Patreon! I really love drawing Hell, Inc., but will be spending most of the rest of the year putting most of my time into a pair of work-for-hire books. I’d like to flip that work schedule around, and Patreon is a reliable way for me to do that while also giving you some neat rewards.

If you want to support Hell, Inc. for free, vote for it on Top Webcomics. More readers = more potential patrons, which = more Hell, Inc.

Next Week: I love it when a plan comes together. Patreon. Do that.

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