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Doug is me doing my Pure Math 30 exam in high school. For non-Canadians who were in high school in the early 2000s, that’s the academic stream of grade 12 math. I sure wish somebody would have told me that I didn’t need it for university and wouldn’t need it in any capacity in the future. Turns out you don’t need pre-calculus to calculate book dimensions and figure out how much money you need to raise on Kickstarter.


Since the rotation is re-setting, and it’s my birthday on Friday, I’m going to pull rank and make myself Employee of the Week. That’s right, I have that power. I will plug Hell, Inc. on Webtoon, so if you like to read your comics in that format, subscribe to Hell, Inc.! There are more people leaving comments there than here, so you can also chat with other readers that way. If you think what I’m doing with Hell, Inc. is worth a dollar, support Hell, Inc. on Patreon. It’s how I pay for things like “web hosting” and, moreover, “my mortgage payments.” That second one requires a lot more freelance work than I would like, and every little bit from readers cuts down the amount of time I have to spend freelancing.

And of course, not everyone can afford to throw a few bucks at their favourite webcartoonist. Or me. But you can throw a few new readers my way by A) telling your friends to read the comic and B) voting for Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics, which is the largest platform through which Hell, Inc. gets new readers. Click the banner to vote!

Next Week: If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry! Also there’s a new comic next week, I don’t remember what it’s about. OR DO I? This is a weird bit I’m doing here, just go support the Patreon.

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