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Steve is a lot of fun to write, because everything he says elicits groans from Doug. The initial idea for him was to be a more antagonistic rival figure, but the more I wrote his and Doug’s dialogue exchanges, the more I liked him as a benign character who just happened to irritate the living shit out of Doug. He’s substantially less important that way, and has drastically reduced screen time, but I think the interpersonal dynamic is more interesting.


Damion is Employee of the Week this week, and also emailed me this week, because the website for my old comic HEAT broke. I probably wouldn’t have noticed for months without someone telling me, so thanks, Damion! Also, shout out to Hell, Inc.’s IT guy, Greg, who is in charge of fixing that. If you want to be Employee of the Week, finance your corporate overlords’ lavish lifestyle (aka help pay my mortgage) by supporting Hell, Inc. on Patreon!

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3 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. I imagine the background noise of the office as being some impossible combination of oppressive silence and whatever noises irritate each individual demon the most.

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