Vital Liquid Science?
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Vital Liquid Science?

The Patreon preview for this strip is about my process of drawing study, which involves drawing a lot of comics. Speaking of a lot of comics, I’m going to be at the Art Gallery of Alberta’s Comics & Zine Fair on April 13th and 14th, and if you’re in Edmonton, you should be, too. Click on the image below for more info:


Barrie Deatcher is Employee of the Week, which means they are one of the folks helping support Hell, Inc. and my other non-freelance art endeavours! For example, I just had a graphic novel pitch about wrestlers in a fantasy world rejected by a bunch of agents, but I still think it’s very cool and want to draw it. Patreon can make that possible! Even $1 goes a long way, and adds up pretty fast when enough readers show their support.

You can also support Hell, Inc. for free by telling your friends about it, because that is infinitely better than any promotion I can do. Also voting on Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below is very helpful!

Next Week: A triumphant return! Read it early on Patreon!

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