Tetris Brain
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Tetris Brain

And now the Tetris theme is stuck in your head, isn’t it? You’re welcome. Also someone who knows how to make video games should make Hell, Inc. Spreadsheet Tetris a thing. Email or DM me or something, let’s make this happen.


Cait is Employee of the Week both here and at her new soap company, Soaps & Sorcery. She is also the other person who is working from home in my art lair. Except not IN my art lair, she has her own work lair. It’s full of soap and also all of the books that I would normally be selling at conventions. If YOU want to be Employee of the Week and get a plug for your soap business or whatever, head over to the Hell, Inc. Patreon and help keep the lights on over here.

You can also vote for Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics, which brings in a bunch of new readers. Click on the link below to vote, which you can do daily!

Next Week: The BAD CHAIR WARS *thunder and lightning*. Read it early on Patreon!

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