Iterative Toasts
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Iterative Toasts

Happy New Year! It’s 2023 now, which is… I dunno. It changes my signature and not a ton else. As far as what’s on the horizon for 2023, there will be plenty more Hell, Inc. including the omnibus of what were originally intended to be the first six volumes. I’ll also be working on the Rent-A-Thug graphic novel, which I’ll be posting on Patreon unless I can convince a publisher to give me a bunch of money for it. In the near future, the newest addition to my RPG empire, BURGERPUNK.


Ben Hamlin, host of Syndicated with Lesley and Ben (among other casted pods), is Employee of the Week. I’ve been a guest on several episodes, most recently the strange and Hell, Inc.-esque animated comedy Ugly Americans – a short-lived series that never quite reached the potential of its premise. I’m also on the episodes about extremely well-crafted but under-remembered ’90s sitcom NewsRadio and 2010s stoner thing that loosely adheres to its premise, Workaholics.

Patreon! It’s a predictable source of income, so if you like things that I do, check it out.

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