Running Improvement
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Running Improvement

I felt ambitious after digitally lettering an entire graphic novel, and wanted to try to push myself on this strip to get my drawing groove back. Formally, I pushed the storytelling a bit with the glasses panels representing what Sara’s focusing on, and I added a little bit of worldbuilding with the one-eyed bat thing. Those are Hell’s pigeon-equivalent flying pest.


Robbie Dorman, host of The Simpsons Show and Serial Fanaticist podcasts (both of which I highly recommend), is Employee of the Week. The Simpsons is a huge influence on my cartooning, so that seems appropriate. Do you want to be Employee of the Week? Fill Hell, Inc.’s corporate coffers over on Patreon.

Next Week: Sheila from Arrivals… arrives? We meet Sheila from Arrivals. Meet Sheila early on Patreon!

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