Go Jump in a Lake of Fire
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Go Jump in a Lake of Fire

Part 2 of fixing the posting errors. The previous Hell, Inc. strips were all drawn in one month-long batch. This is the first one that was drawn after that initial batch, three months later – and it was like I totally forgot how to draw the comic. This is also the first one I had to scan with my new scanner, which was a bit of an adventure. Scanner settings are the most important thing in combining traditional and digital art, and it seems like they never really carry over from machine to machine. It’s weird.


Tony Esteves draws a webcomic called Legendary Woodsman. His Cigarro & Cerveja comic strip had a year of overlap with my Rent-A-Thug comic at the University of Alberta Gateway newspaper, which is how I originally became aware of his work. He is Employee of the Week. I am writing this in a weeeeeeird cadence. If you want to be Employee of the Week, and get a weirdly-cadenced blurb, hit up the Hell, Inc. Patreon.

Next Week: DemoniCopy – just because you’re in Hell doesn’t mean you don’t need photocopies. read it early by supporting the Hell, Inc. Patreon!

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