Running of the Sheilas

This is a scene that is a good example of how my imagination works while I write – it’s way less visual than you might expect. Until I sit down to do thumbnails, I really only have a vague idea of how the page composition is going to look. There’s a swirl of overlapping images, which actually kind of helps – most of the time, there’s no perfect image in my brain that I’m trying to recreate. I’m just trying to pull something out of that swirl of imagery that suits the scene.Sometimes that imagery is directly inspired by Invader Zim and involves somebody being casually picked up by the face.


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Running Improvement

I felt ambitious after digitally lettering an entire graphic novel, and wanted to try to push myself on this strip to get my drawing groove back. Formally, I pushed the storytelling a bit with the glasses panels representing what Sara’s focusing on, and I added a little bit of worldbuilding with the one-eyed bat thing. Those are Hell’s pigeon-equivalent flying pest.


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