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Doug is clearly the Incredible Hulk of low-level office drones. That desk is the United States Army in Hulk Comics of desks. This analogy is the Hulk’s purple pants of analogies, in that it does not really make sense but is still here anyway.

This weekend (or, more accurately, half of the week, as it runs April 26-29) is the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo! I’ll be in the BMO Centre at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth, of which I don’t know the booth number. But come say hi and buy stuff, because that’s how I feel good about myself during the mental slog that is tabling at a convention. If any of you happen to be near High Level, Alberta (are any of you from near there?), come see me and my Ape Court collaborator Daniel Schneider at Auroracon on May 4-5. If any of you are librarians, I’ll be at the AALT conference on May 11-12. Then after that I’m moving into my new place, and I assume I will die of exhaustion there.

Next Week: Bridget and Steve have important conversations about race. That’s kind of a joke and kind of not? Figure out what that even means by supporting Hell, Inc. on Patreon.

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