Work Purposes
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Work Purposes

You know when someone tells you that what they’re doing is for work purposes, they are always telling the truth. It is impossible to lie about Work Purposes.That’s just a fact.


Cindy Gauthier is Employee of the Week, and you can read her comic on Webtoon! It’s called Posthumous, and is a comic about two friends exploring space and how the things that are in space are often terrifying. Other things that are terrifying include having Patreon being my primary source of income at the moment! Do you like Hell, Inc.? Kick in a buck a month! Want to be Employee of the Week? Chip in 2 bucks a month. Want to read my brand new graphic novel Hockeypocalypse: Slashers as I draw it? 5 bucks. Want me to draw some stuff for you? Only 20 or 30 bucks. Get on board, where we’re going we need comics.

You can also help Hell, Inc. by voting for it on Top Webcomics, where a higher ranking gives the comic more visibility to webcomic readers. Vote daily by clicking the link below!

Next Week: Where do you turn when you need hope? The I.T. department… that sounds wrong. Read it early on Patreon.

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