Doug Flutie
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Doug Flutie

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Cait is back at the top of the list, and is the creator of the Guintern Newsletter, which documents the adventures of my guinea pig office interns. The Patreon has become a bit of a struggle, lately. Efforts to increase the number of patrons haven’t been met with nearly the success as growing readership has, and I’m a bit stumped as to what people want to see from the Patreon. It’s stuck in a cycle where it doesn’t do well enough to merit more investment of effort, which takes away from effort on the actual comic, but maybe more effort would make it do better if it was put in the right place. I don’t know. Thoughts?

As always, supporting Hell, Inc. for free is also appreciated – go upvote Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics to bring in new readers.

Next Week: PANIC!!! Panic early on Patreon.

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