Executive Decisions
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Executive Decisions

His name is not Dr. Rockzo, but he DOES cocaine. And you KNOW he’s the kind of guy who makes you contemplate the nuclear annihilation of the Earth and think “… yeah, okay.”

Now that the site has stabilized after the issues with moving, I can focus on introducing a new feature – Employee of the Week! Each week, one of my Patreon patrons will get a shout-out as Employee of the Week. It’s a way to thank those of you who have been willing to offer your financial and moral support to my comic-making endeavours, as well as encourage others to join them!


The inaugural employee of the week is Caitlin, @Caitofthenorth! Thank you, Cait, for being the longest-running patron!

Next Week: The most dangerous game – paperwork. Read it now, and become a future Employee of the Week, on Patreon!

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