Doug is clearly the Incredible Hulk of low-level office drones. That desk is the United States Army in Hulk Comics of desks. This analogy is the Hulk’s purple pants of analogies, in that it does not really make sense but is still here anyway.

This weekend (or, more accurately, half of the week, as it runs April 26-29) is the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo! I’ll be in the BMO Centre at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth, of which I don’t know the booth number. But come say hi and buy stuff, because that’s how I feel good about myself during the mental slog that is tabling at a convention. If any of you happen to be near High Level, Alberta (are any of you from near there?), come see me and my Ape Court collaborator Daniel Schneider at Auroracon on May 4-5. If any of you are librarians, I’ll be at the AALT conference on May 11-12. Then after that I’m moving into my new place, and I assume I will die of exhaustion there.

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Tumour Muzak

Drawing facial expressions is one of the my favourite things, particularly when I get to go way over-the-top like Doug in the last panel. In other news, Calgary Expo is coming up. I’ll be there again, with the fine folks at Renegade Arts Entertainment, and loads of books and prints.


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Next Week: It’s not a good day to be a phone. Which is a weird idea to think about, really. Read it early on Patreon!

Hold, Please

Being on hold because somebody didn’t fill out paperwork properly might be the thing I most strongly associate with the idea of working in an office. It’s also an office task that actually crops up on occasion for a comic-maker, although usually for something unrelated to comics. Last time it was because the person at my cell phone provider who activated my phone made a typo on my PIN number that resulted in me not being able to access my account to actually pay them. That was fun. I was on hold on the very same phone they had accidentally prevented me from paying them for.

Normally I find digital lettering pretty enjoyable, but trying to put tails onto radio burst balloons is it’s own special hell (and a joke that I just considered doing in the comic somehow, despite it being intensely specific to my own personal existence and very few others).


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Executive Decisions

His name is not Dr. Rockzo, but he DOES cocaine. And you KNOW he’s the kind of guy who makes you contemplate the nuclear annihilation of the Earth and think “… yeah, okay.”

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