Hold, Please
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Hold, Please

Being on hold because somebody didn’t fill out paperwork properly might be the thing I most strongly associate with the idea of working in an office. It’s also an office task that actually crops up on occasion for a comic-maker, although usually for something unrelated to comics. Last time it was because the person at my cell phone provider who activated my phone made a typo on my PIN number that resulted in me not being able to access my account to actually pay them. That was fun. I was on hold on the very same phone they had accidentally prevented me from paying them for.

Normally I find digital lettering pretty enjoyable, but trying to put tails onto radio burst balloons is it’s own special hell (and a joke that I just considered doing in the comic somehow, despite it being intensely specific to my own personal existence and very few others).


This week’s Employee of the Week is Damion! He was one of the earliest Patreon supporters of HEAT, and has stuck around. Thanks for your support, Damion! If you want to get a shout out as Employee of the Week, throw a couple bucks at the Patreon.

Next Week: Exciting adventures in hold muzak. Patreon patrons get to read it a week early, and also help pay the mortgage that I’m going to have shortly. Oh god, that’s terrifying.

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