SPACE JERKS, aka the Video Game I Made

That’s right, I made a video game! The TL:DR is that patrons can download it, and anyone who becomes a patron at $1/month or above can download it.┬áRight now! Click on the image below to go to Patreon, where you can find the post with the file and a free post talking about how I ended up making a video game at all, and how I landed on making “cooler looking Space Invaders.”

Space Jerks is fully hand-drawn, features sound effects that I foley’d myself, and music by Not Jam. It supports keyboard and controller control schemes, and even saves your high score! I want to hear what folks’ high scores are, that stuff is fun. Also let me know if you find any bugs, because my quality assurance department is me, and me using my wife’s computer. It’s not a huge sample size.


Gameplay still from Space Jerks!

Welcome, New Readers

Hello, comically large number of new readers, and welcome to Hell, Inc. Who knew that having a single popular tweet would be more effective than several years of actual promotional effort?

With so many new folks, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce myself and what I’m up to. I am Jeff Martin, a cartoonist in Edmonton, Alberta. I got my start in 2005 doing a weekly comic called Rent-A-Thug for the U of A Gateway newspaper, which was later put online as a webcomic. After 5 years I moved on to a new comic designed to expand my artistic skills, HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling. That ran for 7 years before giving way to Hell, Inc., my first full-colour webcomic – sort of. Toward the end of HEAT’s run I wrote and drew a full-colour webcomic for Heavy Metal, Where Is Zog? That led to being hired by metal band GWAR, whose music heavily inspired Where Is Zog? (which took its title from a song on the Lust in Space album). I drew a back-up story in their comic Orgasmageddon, then an entire chapter of the follow-up, The Enormogantic Fail (which you can buy from me!).

I’ve also drawn a bunch of books only available in print, including the Anne Frank: Witness to History volume of the Show Me History series for Simon & Schuster. Most notable is my Hockeypocalypse series, which currently has 4 books available. You can buy all of those on my Etsy store if you’d like!

Speaking of Hockeypocalypse, I’m currently drawing the fifth book in that series, a standalone horror story called Slashers. I’m serializing it on Patreon as I draw it, so please consider heading over to the Patreon to check that out and also support Hell, Inc. (and get to read the strips early!). Patrons at the $5/month and up tier will be getting a printed copy of Slashers when those are ready,

Thanks for checking out Hell, Inc., and I hope you stick around and keep reading! You can subscribe via RSS, or if you prefer to read comics on Webtoon, subscribe there! See you around the office!

Hockeypocalypse: Slashers on Patreon

My next book, Hockeypocalypse: Slashers, is going to be serialized on Patreon!

Slashers is a 96 page young adult horror story about hockey mutants in post-apocalypse Canada. I’m collaborating with cartoonist Lukasz Kowalczuk on the book, and it’s going to melt your faces off. I’m not saying that as a brag – I’m extremely hyped about the art that we’ve produced so far, and I can’t wait for you to read this book.

Patreon is also, as of this writing, my only predictable source of income, so here’s the deal – if you subscribe at the $5/month tier or higher, you get to read the new Hockeypocalypse book as I draw it AND when the print edition is ready, you’ll get one in the mail! You get an awesome book and I get to continue to pay my mortgage while I draw it. Sounds great, right? Click the image or link below to subscribe and join the Hockeypocalypse Hall of Fame.

Click here, or the image below.

Hell, Inc. Volume 5 – Overtime

Hell, Inc. Volume 5 is hot off the presses (or the PDF-creating equivalent) and, like B.L. Zebub on the cover, brings the heat. What is the heat in this context? Uh, it’s the next volume of the demon office comedy that you scrolled past to get to this post. This volume features the exclusive short story “Party Planning Perils,” featuring our favourite demons’ attempts to plan the company Christmas party.

Volume 5 is exclusively available to Patreon patrons until it is released in print, and you can get your digital hands on it for as little as $1 a month. Pretty good deal to support your favourite creator and read great books, eh? Click the image below to head over to the Patreon and download your copy.

Hell, Inc. Volume 4: Mandatory

The digital version of what will become Hell, Inc. Volume 4 is done, and it’s “Mandatory!” As was (and remains) the case with volume 3, the fourth book will be available exclusively to my Patreon patrons as a PDF. Patreon doubles as a relatively predictable income source as well as an incredible source of validation. A single new $1 patron makes my day – it’s a wonderful affirmation that people love and support the comics I’m making. If you want to make my day AND get access to Volume 4 (as well as Volume 3 and over 1000 pages of other digital comics), click on the cover below!

Hell, Inc. Volume 3 – Team-Building Exercise

I’ve been at home even more than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and have spent a lot of that time writing and drawing Hell, Inc. strips. So much time, in fact, that the entire third book is done and formatted!

On the down side, the bulk of my income during isolation has been reduced to what’s coming in through Patreon. That’s not ideal. So I decided to combine those two things – during isolation I’ve been offering the digital comics currently available in the $5 as a one time sign-up gift for new Patrons. With the completion of book 3, I’m going to upload the digital edition for patrons. That’s going to be the only way to get early access to book 3 – everyone else will have to wait until it out in print alongside book 4.

So if you think Hell, Inc. is worth a buck (or more), head over to the Patreon and download your copy of Hell, Inc. Vol. 3 – “Team-Building Exercise!”