Welcome, New Readers

Hello, comically large number of new readers, and welcome to Hell, Inc. Who knew that having a single popular tweet would be more effective than several years of actual promotional effort?

With so many new folks, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce myself and what I’m up to. I am Jeff Martin, a cartoonist in Edmonton, Alberta. I got my start in 2005 doing a weekly comic called Rent-A-Thug for the U of A Gateway newspaper, which was later put online as a webcomic. After 5 years I moved on to a new comic designed to expand my artistic skills, HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling. That ran for 7 years before giving way to Hell, Inc., my first full-colour webcomic – sort of. Toward the end of HEAT’s run I wrote and drew a full-colour webcomic for Heavy Metal, Where Is Zog? That led to being hired by metal band GWAR, whose music heavily inspired Where Is Zog? (which took its title from a song on the Lust in Space album). I drew a back-up story in their comic Orgasmageddon, then an entire chapter of the follow-up, The Enormogantic Fail (which you can buy from me!).

I’ve also drawn a bunch of books only available in print, including the Anne Frank: Witness to History volume of the Show Me History series for Simon & Schuster. Most notable is my Hockeypocalypse series, which currently has 4 books available. You can buy all of those on my Etsy store if you’d like!

Speaking of Hockeypocalypse, I’m currently drawing the fifth book in that series, a standalone horror story called Slashers. I’m serializing it on Patreon as I draw it, so please consider heading over to the Patreon to check that out and also support Hell, Inc. (and get to read the strips early!). Patrons at the $5/month and up tier will be getting a printed copy of Slashers when those are ready,

Thanks for checking out Hell, Inc., and I hope you stick around and keep reading! You can subscribe via RSS, or if you prefer to read comics on Webtoon, subscribe there! See you around the office!

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