Play Space Jerks on!

My first video game, Space Jerks, is now available to play on! You have the option of playing for free in your browser, or naming your own price (including free) to download a copy!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Space Jerks is the result of me learning how to make video games, and deciding to make an arcade shooter in the vein of Space Invaders. It’s got entirely hand-drawn art, and I also did the foley on the sound effects myself! Play Space Jerks! Do it now!

SPACE JERKS, aka the Video Game I Made

That’s right, I made a video game! The TL:DR is that patrons can download it, and anyone who becomes a patron at $1/month or above can download it.┬áRight now! Click on the image below to go to Patreon, where you can find the post with the file and a free post talking about how I ended up making a video game at all, and how I landed on making “cooler looking Space Invaders.”

Space Jerks is fully hand-drawn, features sound effects that I foley’d myself, and music by Not Jam. It supports keyboard and controller control schemes, and even saves your high score! I want to hear what folks’ high scores are, that stuff is fun. Also let me know if you find any bugs, because my quality assurance department is me, and me using my wife’s computer. It’s not a huge sample size.


Gameplay still from Space Jerks!