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And that’s a wrap on volume 4! In fact, I’m already halfway done drawing volume 5, which is zipping along pretty quickly. As of typing this post, I’ve just finished strip 189, and have scripts up to 205. I’m hoping to have the whole volume scripted by the end of the week, then I’ll start figuring out the back-up story for the print book while I draw the rest of the volume.


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4 thoughts on “Re-promoted

  1. Having ended up with a broken back and an early retirement from the ‘bad chair’, I can sympatize with Doug…

  2. It looked like Steven Hawking was re-incarnated as a chair but the supply manager said it wasn’t old enough to be replaced…never mind it was used 24/7/365 and was the cheapest thing they could find…I offered to trade for hers since they were ‘all the same’ but no deal…

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