Anthropomorphized Shapesball
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Anthropomorphized Shapesball

It’s Shapesball Night in Hellmerica! Insert the theme of your favourite sports program here. And then duck if you see shapes flying at your head, because it’s probably the ball.

In other news, the book market graphic novel I’ve been working on continues to grind along toward completion, after which I’ll be wrapping up Hell, Inc. Volume 4.


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Next Week:A well designed practice schedule for a well-oiled baseball machine! Read it early on Patreon!

3 thoughts on “Anthropomorphized Shapesball

  1. This is one clever web comic. The art, characters, dialogue, plotting and backgrounds are first rate. A regular office is Hell enough, I can very well imagine that one where the Devil is the CEO would be just like this. This has become one of my favorites. Keep up the excellent work.

    The Prof.

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