Never (Immediately) Forget
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Never (Immediately) Forget

I am a man in my 30s with ADHD, so I Regularly (Immediately) Forget all kinds of stuff. Like, so much stuff. My brain gives me Hell, Inc., but takes things like “what day it is” and “what I meant to do when I sat down and opened the computer.”


Sebastian is Employee of the Week, and you can, too!

We’re under two weeks left on Hockeypocalypse: Slashers, so head over to Zoop and preorder a copy, which will ALSO help fund the creation of the book. It is my favourite comic I’ve ever written/drawn, and I think you’ll agree. Preorder your copy to help fund the book’s existence! Get it for yourself, get it for a friend or family member, or do all of the above! Not interested in Hockeypocalypse (you should be, are you okay?)? Donate your copy to your local library when you get it!

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