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I, too, am exhausted, although it’s the Sara kind and not the B.L. Zebub kind. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a strange thing, as it feels simultaneously like there’s no time and it will never end. It also feels kind of like a sports season, where the long view of the entire thing is what’s important, but it’s impossible to see that and avoid getting caught up in moment. Sometimes you feel unbeatable, and sometimes it feels like you shouldn’t even be in the league.


Azhar Baig is Employee of the Week, and has a podcast called The Wisdom of Love that you should check out. It’s a comedic recounting of the Great Western Philosophers.

Hockeypocalypse: Slashers ends on Thursday AND it has passed its funding goal. so head over to Zoop and preorder a copy. It is my favourite comic I’ve ever written/drawn, and I think you’ll agree. Preorder your copy to help fund the book’s existence! Get it for yourself, get it for a friend or family member, or do all of the above! Not interested in Hockeypocalypse (you should be, are you okay?)? Donate your copy to your local library when you get it!

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