I Live Here Now
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I Live Here Now

I feel like I could really crush drawing a comic about baseball. I don’t love the sport, but it’s inarguably the best-suited sport to being adapted as stories in other mediums. Speaking of things I don’t love, I haven’t been able to draw the last four pages of Hell, Inc. volume 4 because of the contract work I’m doing. I look forward to mid-December when I get to draw what I want to again.


Jillian Dolan is Employee of the Week! She is also a comic-smith, and you should check out her works, including Misha and Kyle the Nihilist Dinosaur. They’re delightful. If you think Hell, Inc. is delightful and want to support it with your hard-earned money, head over to the Hell, Inc. patreon. As a reward, new sign-ups gain access to a folder of over 1000 pages of comic, including the otherwise unreleased Hell, Inc. Vol. 3: “Team-building Exercise!”

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Next Week: Sara may have misunderstood the context within which this baseball tournament is happening. Read it early on Patreon!

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