Forgot How to Chair
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Forgot How to Chair

Remembering how to chair is a very important part of everyday life. I’m chair-ing right now as I type this update. I was chairing earlier as I was painting plastic Space Marines, which I have been doing quite frequently lately. I’ve also gotten a handful of Hell, Inc. strips drawn that I wasn’t expecting to have time for. I think I’ve been able to apply some of the stuff I’ve learned from the book project I’m contracted on to Hell, Inc., which has been kinda cool.


Sylvia Douglas is Employee of the Week. She has a whole bunch of projects on the go as a writer, film-maker, and waffle connoisseur, which you can check out from her website.  If you think what I do here with Hell, Inc. is worth a buck, head over to the Hell, Inc. Patreon. New patrons receive the third Hell, Inc. book, “Team-building Exercise,” which isn’t available anywhere else (and won’t be until whenever the next print book Kickstarter happens at some point in the future). There are also over a thousand pages of other comics available to patrons, so check those out. Patreon. Go there.

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Next Week: Can you scheme somewhere else? It’s distracting. Read it early on Patreon!

3 thoughts on “Forgot How to Chair

  1. =(
    I want to Patreon you, but can kinda only afford a couple (US) bucks a month, because while I;ve been working more than ever during Covid, my money is buying me so much less due to scarcity (mainly food annecessary medications).
    So I’m earning about 125% pre covid moneys, but my buying power is 50% less, so it’s like I’m working 30% more, ut can buy 25% LESS.
    Sorry, I know that’s math with which you don’t want too deal.

  2. Those expenses sound brutal! I don’t know where you live, but those are some rough-sounding numbers. Thanks so much for your support, and I hope you keep enjoying the comic every week! 😀

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