Butt Fusion
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Butt Fusion

After typing in the title for this strip, all I can think of is a version of the DBZ fusion dance where they touch butts at the end.

In other Hell, Inc. news, I’m almost done writing what will be Hell, Inc. book 3. I haven’t decided on a plan for releasing that one in print, yet. It will be printed at some point, but I haven’t decided whether it will be in the spring or if I’ll wait until book 4 is ready and do them together like I did for volumes 1 and 2. I haven’t really had much opportunity to sell books 1 and 2 outside of the Kickstarter, so it’s hard to gauge what the better move is. Incidentally, if you want to buy copies of books 1 and 2 and motivate me to get the next book out faster, that’s a thing you can do. And you SHOULD do it.


Cindy Gauthier is Employee of the Week, and you’ll be able to see both of us in meat space at Dead by Con, Edmonton’s horror convention. I expect it will be a very fun time and that Caitlin will buy a lot of DVDs again for a buck or two each. If you think Hell, Inc. is worth a buck or two, support me on Patreon, because that’s my only predictable form of income each month. The rest of my money comes from freelancing and selling books, which is WILDLY INCONSISTENT.

And of course, not everyone can afford to throw a few bucks at their favourite webcartoonist. Or me. But you can throw a few new readers my way by A) telling your friends to read the comic and B) voting for Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics, which is the largest platform through which Hell, Inc. gets new readers. Click the banner to vote!

Next Week: Math is hard, okay? Find out why Doug is bad at math now on Patreon.

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