Ping Pong Plan

Alternate title: The Preposterous Push-off Ping Pong Pinball Plan. Could I have worked in more “P” words? MAYBE!

In other news, COVID has got me thinking about how I want to approach future print releases for Hell, Inc. The vast majority of my book sales, outside of Kickstarters for product launches, come from doing conventions and book fairs. I have been able to sell Hell, Inc. books at exactly one (1) event since the launch last year, and it’s not looking like 2020/21 will have a busy convention season. Is it a good idea to carry on with my plan to Kickstart books 3-4 and 5-6? Or maybe I should just wait and do a collected edition with all six books once they’re done. Thoughts, dear reader? As the target audience for those books, I value your input on the topic.


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Nobody Calls You

I use the second panel from this comic a lot in social media marketing posts. Also, those last four words feel kinda gross. Like the kind of thing a dude named Trip with an expensive suit and unearned self-confidence would say in a meeting to sound smart. “Social media” is a term that makes me cringe when I hear it said aloud. I don’t know what it is… maybe how artificial it sounds? I think my point is that I really like that second panel, and really hate that marketing is part of my job?


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I’m a few days into what will end up being about three months off (as far as travel and public appearances are concerned), and it’s glorious. Not having a looming spectre of “go to another town and hopefully sell a bunch of my books to the people there” is pretty refreshing, as I haven’t really had that since… Christmas?


Me. I did three comic conventions, two book fairs, a library conference, and moved in a five week span. If you ask me (and I just did, so there), I’m pretty much a hero. NAP TIME.

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Such Fun

Believe it or not, the most difficult part of this entire strip was getting the tail on Steve’s balloon in the big middle panel to look like it was one continuous object.

This is a variation of a scene from the first issue of the black and white Hell, Inc. comic, which involved fork-stabbing and a lot of blood. If you want copies of the black and white Hell, Inc. books, I’m running a promotion on my Patreon. Once there are 20 backers, everyone gets books at no extra cost. You can give as little as a buck, or as much as… I dunno, more than that? Check it out.

Tomorrow: It’s Friday, and everyone wants one thing on Friday – their boss to be FURIOUS.