The Beelzeboss
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The Beelzeboss

The last panel of this strip is essentially the entire premise of Hell, Inc. encapsulated into one image. Also, as someone who dislikes confrontation, yell-y bosses are nightmarish. As someone who mostly does freelance or wholly self-directed work, bosses in general have become a bizarre idea. As a freelancer, nobody is REALLY in charge, we’re just hoping something gets done so they don’t get yelled at by THEIR boss and I get paid. It’s kind of a cooperative thing, unless you’re freelancing for shitty clients who THINK they’re your boss.

Next Week: We settle into the regular schedule, and Doug settles into the Ouchy Chair. Only one half of that sentence makes sense at this point, but you can figure out the other half early by becoming a supporter on Patreon!

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