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I wrote about it in more detail in the Patreon preview post for this strip, but this one is an example of writing a script that presented me with some visual problems. It’s also probably one of the better examples of those problems resulting in better visual storytelling than solving those problems in the script phase would have.

In other news, my kitchen table belongs to Hell, Inc. The RPG books now. The first batch of books has gone out, and many more will follow as we get packages put together.


“Game Time” Art Middleton is Employee of the Week! Follow him on Twitter or check out his Twitch streams, OR… do both of those things.  Also, head over to the Hell, Inc. Patreon, where you can support the continued existence of your favourite office demons and read new strips early (see above!). It turns out that humans, like demons, need money to live! Me, specifically.

The next project to be serialized on Patreon (for $5/month and up patrons) is RENT-A-THUG. Some of you might remember that as my first published work, but I’m reimagining it as a graphic novel that utilizes all of my improvements as a creator. I’m aiming for it to see publication around the 20th anniversary of the strip’s first publication in 2005, but that’ll be dependent on a lot of factors outside of my control. Right now, I’m posting the print-formatted pages for La Cosa Glasnostra, the short story I created for Webtoon as practice for meshing the original art style with my current skillset. Like with Hockeypocalypse: Slashers, I’ll be posting the first 5 pages as a free preview, and then adding a few pages every month as they’re made.


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