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Sara might as well be photo-referenced from everyone who doesn’t use a pre-lit Christmas tree, or who puts lights on the outside of their house. I can’t remember when, but at a certain point my parents gave up on string lights and embraced Christmas trees with built-in lights. I’m sure Sara wishes the office had made that decision, but obviously Hell wouldn’t do something like that.


Bartender of the Apocalypse is Employee of the Week, and perhaps they will be seeing the office crew at O’Hellihan’s later. You should also support Hell, Inc. on Patreon, and perhaps subscribe at the $5/month and up level to read my new graphic novel Hockeypocalypse: Slashers as I draw it.

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Next Week: Doug’s brain leaks out of his ears a little bit. Just a little bit. Read it early on Patreon!

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