Fart Bus
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Fart Bus

Drawing this strip involved Googling the phrase “fart monster” while students at one of the Drawn to Write camps were working on a project. It turns out there are roughly four hundred thousand children’s books about farting monsters. Who knew? The publishing industry, apparently.

In Kickstarter news, there’s less than 72 hours left! If you’ve been waiting, because you wanted to stress me out, get on it! Time’s almost up. Click the image below to pledge your support to the only corporate overlord who isn’t actively ruining the planet.


Another light week, but I expect next week’s backer list will see a pretty big surge. The first few days and the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign always result in the majority of the backers. Thankfully for my sanity, this campaign has been a lot steadier throughout than the previous campaigns, and the most significant slowdown happened after the funding goal was hit.

Michael Rider

Enrica Jang

Paul McErlean

Shawn Underhill

Starside Comic Team

Matt Johns

Want to get your name in next week’s news post? Back the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter. Really, though, don’t do it just to get your name in the post. Do it because they’re awesome books that are also helping bring in new readers and keep the comic a viable project, financially.

Next Week: The Annual Candied Sheep Riot Clean Up.

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