Hard to Get
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Hard to Get

Deciding on Helen’s character being “drunk chaos gremlin” was the most important element to making the O’Hellihan’s half of this volume come together. Whenever I needed something to move scenes along or punch up a strip, I could rely on Helen. She really became the driver of the second half of the book. Also, I’m talking about the story as a book because I’m starting to plan the big Hell, Inc. print collection, which will include 300 strips. It’s probably going to have two strips stacked on each page (like newspaper strip collections often do), because a 3.5″x8″ format probably can’t handle being 3″ thick. Maybe in hardback, but it seems like that would be an unpleasant reading experience, ergonomically. More thought will go into that in the next few months.


Ben Hamlin, host of Syndicated with Lesley and Ben (among other casted pods), is Employee of the Week. I’ve been a guest on several episodes, most recently the strange and Hell, Inc.-esque animated comedy Ugly Americans – a short-lived series that never quite reached the potential of its premise. I’m also on the episodes about extremely well-crafted but under-remembered ’90s sitcom NewsRadio and 2010s stoner thing that loosely adheres to its premise, Workaholics. I’ll also be returning on their new season about crime shows, discussing the shockingly good Star Wars spinoff Andor.

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Next Week: Does Drunk Santa reciprocate Helen’s feelings? Does Drunk Santa HAVE feelings? Read it early on Patreon!

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