Drunk Santa vs. Ceiling Skeleton

Drunk Santa vs. Ceiling Skeleton, the fight of the century! If this was HEAT, you’d get about three months of that. I miss drawing beefy wrasslers doing violence to each other, but I do NOT miss trying to pace wrestling as a webcomic. The fact that anyone kept reading that comic while the Super Max Challenge Final took up a YEAR of posts might qualify them for sainthood. I’m currently developing another wrestling comic as a graphic novel pitch, so maybe drawing a lot of wrasslin’ again will be in my future.


Barrie Deatcher is Employee of the Week, and will get to read my new Rent-A-Thug graphic novel as I draw it! Subscribers to my newsletter have already seen the first page, which I think is several orders of magnitude cooler than any previous Rent-A-Thug stuff. Patreon is my predictable source of income, and I would very much like it to grow to the point where I can get into a workflow of webcomic + graphic novel.

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Next Week: Sara has very strong opinions about having gone to O’Hellihan’s instead of the Christmas party. Read it early on Patreon!

Chaotic Helen Noises

Speaking of chaos, I have returned from the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. For my part, most of the chaos was the result of construction on the Stampede Grounds ensuring I rarely knew I where to go if I needed to go anywhere. Otherwise, things went pretty smoothly for me – a pleasant drive down, leisurely set-up, I remembered what all of my books were about to pitch them. And I went home with A LOT fewer books than I arrived with, which is always the goal. Thanks to everyone who bought books or prints, and hello to those of you discovering Hell, Inc. as a result of the con!


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Next Week: The Ballad of Flailing Helen. It’s not a ballad, it’s more of screeching sound. Read it early on Patreon!

Against Helen’s Love

In the Patreon preview for this strip I wrote about the ways that Helen’s characterization has been unconsciously influenced by trash reality TV, and also accidentally created everyone’s new favourite reality show, Real Wine Moms of Hell. I assume the season order from Netflix is already in my email inbox.

April 27-30 I’ll be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo for the first time in 4 years! Have I already had a panic attack about it? Sure have! My brain is garbage. Come and see me at table P01 in the Big 4 building, which I have conveniently mapped out below:


Cindy Gauthier is Employee of the Week, and you can read her comic on Webtoon! It’s called Posthumous, and is a comic about two friends (who are cool, weird cyborg-things) exploring space and how the things that are in space are often terrifying. Season 2 is underway!

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You can also support Hell, Inc. for free by telling your friends about it, because that is infinitely better than any promotion I can do. Also voting on Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below is very helpful!

Next Week: Helen’s problems become EVERYONE’s problems. Read it early on Patreon!

Hard to Get

Deciding on Helen’s character being “drunk chaos gremlin” was the most important element to making the O’Hellihan’s half of this volume come together. Whenever I needed something to move scenes along or punch up a strip, I could rely on Helen. She really became the driver of the second half of the book. Also, I’m talking about the story as a book because I’m starting to plan the big Hell, Inc. print collection, which will include 300 strips. It’s probably going to have two strips stacked on each page (like newspaper strip collections often do), because a 3.5″x8″ format probably can’t handle being 3″ thick. Maybe in hardback, but it seems like that would be an unpleasant reading experience, ergonomically. More thought will go into that in the next few months.


Ben Hamlin, host of Syndicated with Lesley and Ben (among other casted pods), is Employee of the Week. I’ve been a guest on several episodes, most recently the strange and Hell, Inc.-esque animated comedy Ugly Americans – a short-lived series that never quite reached the potential of its premise. I’m also on the episodes about extremely well-crafted but under-remembered ’90s sitcom NewsRadio and 2010s stoner thing that loosely adheres to its premise, Workaholics. I’ll also be returning on their new season about crime shows, discussing the shockingly good Star Wars spinoff Andor.

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Next Week: Does Drunk Santa reciprocate Helen’s feelings? Does Drunk Santa HAVE feelings? Read it early on Patreon!

Keep Dancing Until Santa Replaces Your Blood

If you stop dancing, Santa won’t replace your blood, and you… need that? Your blood? Or your blood replaced? Those are the only two states of blood, I think, but I’m not a doctor. I DO say “Bye, everybody!” like Dr. Nick on a pretty regular basis, though, which makes me an equivalent level of doctor.


Robbie Dorman is Employee of the Week. He is co-host of The Simpsons Show, the only podcast about The Simpsons, and also the only podcast about The Simpsons that I have done a guest spot on. You should also follow him on Twitter to learn about his new novel releases. He writes that good good scary shit. Indie artists need your support now more than ever, so check out his stuff!

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You can also support Hell, Inc. for free by telling your friends about it, because that is infinitely better than any promotion I can do. Also voting on Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below is very helpful!

Next Week: Helen continues to be ON ONE, and it gets weird(er). Read it early on Patreon!

Sobering Sponge

Sponges – for when you need to absorb things in your stomach, and also are a demon and already eat garbage and poison.

Also, some of you read this on Sunday, because I don’t know what time is and scheduled it for the wrong date. I also texted a friend of mine to ask how his book signing went… the day before it happened. I’m SO GOOD at time. And yet, I have never missed a professional deadline? I don’t know why I am like this.


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Next Week: Helen’s demands of Santa interrupt the party. Read it early on Patreon!

Santa Sez

It is very appropriate to be posting a Hell, Inc. comic on Halloween. And also to be posting one about Christmas in Hell, because that’s just retail stores now that Christmas has started encroaching past Halloween. I propose that be countered by incorporating the leering, fanged Santa from this strip, who can caper about the store terrifying children while getting schlompered on antifreeze. I don’t know what that would achieve, exactly, but as long as I get my beak wet on the licensing, it seems like a great idea.

When I sat down to draw this one, I was like “awesome, this one’s three panels, should be an easy night. I might get the whole thing done in one sitting!” Then two hours of penciling the first panel later, I realized I had maybe chosen an overly ambitious first shot if I wanted an easy night. I do think it serves to set up O’Hellihan’s nicely, though, as we haven’t seen it for about 130 strips.


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