Your Plans Mean Nothing To Me
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Your Plans Mean Nothing To Me

Apparently I hadn’t drawn a Hell, Inc. strip in over a month. So good on me for building up a solid buffer, I guess?


ME! The Hockeypocalypse Kickstarter campaign funded in just 12 days, well ahead of the 20 day mark set by Where Is Zog?, so I’m going to pat myself on the back for no longer having to exist in a state of low-level anxiety about how long it’s going to take to fund and if people actually like anything I do. You should check it out, and buy one or more books. You can get the entire series (over 400 pages) for $82 CAD (roughly $62 USD) including shipping! It’s funded, so it’s pretty much a pre-order at this point, and the more pre-orders I get, the more cool bonus stuff will be unlocked in the stretch goals.

Next Week: I just finished lettering next week’s comic, and it’s maybe the end of the first print book? I haven’t decided how long the print books will be, yet. Anyway, Patrons can see it early.

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