Universal Job Badness
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Universal Job Badness

The Patreon preview for this strip includes talk about an unfortunately common phenomenon, which is forgetting what’s coming up in the script and accidentally causing myself a visual problem because I did something for visual interest that gets in the way of a later part of the script.

I’ve also had a week full of live events, having attended All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite/Rampage shows in Edmonton as well as an Edmonton Stingers basketball game (did you know Canada has a basketball league? It does). Is this motivating me to work on a project I’m pitching that involves sports? Yes.


Robbie Dorman is Employee of the Week. He is co-host of The Simpsons Show, the only podcast about The Simpsons, and also the only podcast about The Simpsons that I have done a guest spot on. You should also follow him on Twitter to learn about his new novel releases. He writes that good good scary shit. Indie artists need your support now more than ever, so check out his stuff!

Also check out my Patreon, because if everyone who reads Hell, Inc. on a monthly basis kicked in $1, I’d be able to cut my freelancing schedule to nearly nil, and focus on the things you already like (Hell, Inc., and presumably other comics I make without bothering to consider whether they suit the publishing zeitgeist, such as the aforementioned project I want to pitch).

You can also support Hell, Inc. for free by telling your friends about it, because that is infinitely better than any promotion I can do. Also voting on Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below is very helpful!

Next Week: What even is time, maaaaaan? Read it early on Patreon!

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