Emotional Toner
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Emotional Toner

“Kind of like that, but emotionally” seems like the kind of line I’m going to end up making callbacks to. It works in a variety of contexts. Sara the intern replaced the intern from the original print comics, Bobby. I wanted to add another female character, and nothing about Bobby’s character required him to be a man. Although now that I think about it, I really could have saved myself a lot of effort and just used the name Bobbi. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to name Sara. Like, a really obnoxious amount of time for something that is ultimately kind of trivial from the reader’s perspective.


Tony Esteves, creator of the wonderful Cigarro & Cerveja comic strip and his current project, Legendary Woodsman, is this week’s Employee of the Week! Tony’s Cigarro & Cerveja strip overlapped slightly with Rent-A-Thug beginning in the U of A newspaper, the Gateway. I’m not sure if Tony was still a student at that time, or if he had provided strips post-graduation, as some of the more prolific cartoonists have. Want to be the next Employee of the Week? Throw a few bucks at the Hell, Inc. Patreon!

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