Abandon All Hope
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Abandon All Hope

I’m imagining that Hell has turned “abandon all hope, ye who enter here” into a “New York, New York” kind of jingle, which is why I knew immediately that I needed to draw Doug making “your name up in lights” arm gestures.

In Kickstarter news, things are going pretty well. As of writing this post, it’s just under 75% funded with more than two weeks remaining. If you’ve been meaning to get in on it and haven’t yet… what are you waiting for? All pledges will be charged when the campaign ends on September 18th, so there’s no reason to wait! Click the image below to head to the Kickstarter page!


As I mentioned last week, the next few Employee of the Week sections will be dedicated to all of the readers pledging their support to the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter campaign. They have my eternal gratitude and also a place on this list (the list is the exciting part, I’m sure!). The week two backers are… (pretend I put a drumroll sound effect here)

Jenny Reynolds

Al Welch

Elias Rosner

Demelza Carlton

Jay Bardyla

Matt Lui

John MacLeod

Trevor Sieben

Sierra Jackson

Vincent Rhoyall

Want to be shouted out in next week’s newspost? Just click the image above and preorder your copies of the Hell, Inc. print books. It’s that easy!

Next Week: Exorcise exercise, take the Beelzebus.

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