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Looking at this strip as I was uploading it reminded me of being on hold in a parking lot in Kamloops, British Columbia. I was trying to get an answer about my cell phone provider’s US travel service packagesthat would take ten seconds if handled by a normal, functioning human. It took nearly 20 minutes. Afterward, one of my friends who was busy loading luggage into one of the vehicles, asked if I was on hold. “Yeah.” “I thought so, you looked so pissed.”

At least I didn’t head-desk in a parking lot. That would be bad.


Joe Amon is this week’s Employee of the Week! I’ve met him a handful of times at conventions, and the chats have been delightful each time. Thanks for your support, Joe!

Next Week: Maybe being on hold wasn’t so bad… find out why by supporting Hell, Inc. on Patreon!

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