Horror of Eternity
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Horror of Eternity

Hooray, the site is unbroken, without missing any updates! Just several days of frustration and anger at my webhost, who broke everything during a server migration. Shout out to Greg deJong, who both designed this site and fixed it (I assume via witchcraft and other black magicks).

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that the first panel took longer to draw than the rest of the strip combined. The archive area is based on the filing system at my dentist’s office, but turned sideways so as to look more labyrinthine. Fun fact: the frog demon guy in the foreground is the first demon to not be a shade of red.

Also, a quick update for Patrons – the Employee of the Week stuff is going to start next week, now that things are somewhat stable.

Next Week: Our Earthly corporate overlords are on the way to meet with our Satanic corporate overlords. What does that even mean? Find out a week early by supporting on Patreon!

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