Honourable, Horrible Monster
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Honourable, Horrible Monster

It always seems like a way better idea to set a scene in an elevator when I’m writing than it does when I have to draw it. Like, WAY better. Most of what will become Hell, Inc. book 2 (yes, I’m planning those things already) involves scenes that didn’t need to take as long to draw as they did, but Writer Jeff doesn’t care about Artist Jeff’s sanity AT ALL.

In other news, Hell, Inc. has been getting a lot of new readers coming in through Comic Rocket, which is pretty cool. I don’t know what resulted in Hell, Inc. getting enough traffic to get onto the front page as a Rising Star, but since that happened, it’s been a rich-get-richer scenario as more and more readers discover the comic. And you know what? That’s fucking awesome. If you’re one of those readers who has arrived via Comic Rocket, welcome!


Damian is Employee of the Week! If you want to get a shoutout and help the other employees on the march to free copies of the old Hell, Inc. comic books, toss a couple of bucks into the coffers of the Hell, Inc. Patreon. It’s how I pay for the web hosting and other things like “eating” and “buying art supplies.”

If you want to help support Hell, Inc. without spending any money, you can vote for the comic on Top Webcomics. Like Comic Rocket, it’s been a growing source of new readers for the comic, and more readers is pretty ideal for everyone involved. Click the banner below to vote!

Next Week: The elevator gets to the lobby. EXCITING TIMES AHEAD. Read it early on Patreon!

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