Fried Tires and Nuclear Fish

Is this a weirder callback than Steve eating the bees? Yes. Yes it is. In other news, I’ve just finished drawing episode 210, which is the end of book 5! Once the book short story and the cover are done, that’ll be a wrap on that volume, then on to book 6!

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Every time I write a scene in the elevator I think it’s going to be so easy to draw, because it’s just a handful of characters talking to deliver plot and jokes. Then I remember all the faces I have to draw and the cameos I have to put too much effort into (there’s only one that some of you might recognize in this one).


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Honourable, Horrible Monster

It always seems like a way better idea to set a scene in an elevator when I’m writing than it does when I have to draw it. Like, WAY better. Most of what will become Hell, Inc. book 2 (yes, I’m planning those things already) involves scenes that didn’t need to take as long to draw as they did, but Writer Jeff doesn’t care about Artist Jeff’s sanity AT ALL.

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Suffer In Silence

This is the 65th Hell, Inc. strip, and it’s dropping on my mom’s 65th birthday! Happy Birthday, mom! She’s not reading this, but I’ll say it here anyway.

This is one of those cases where I designed a thing without thinking about the fact that I would have to draw it more than once. When I had the idea of the faces of damned souls swirling around in the elevator walls, I only had to draw the elevator in one panel. I, uh, should probably re-think having whole strips set in the elevator, because drawing those faces in the wall took foreeeeeever. This one features a few fun cameos – two of them should be easy to spot for the majority of you, while one is pretty specific to my friend group and one is a very bad drawing of one of my other friends.


Sylvia Douglas, who also makes a cameo as a damned soul in this week’s strip! That timing wasn’t on purpose, because I never know who the Employee of the Week is until sit down and look up the chart, but worked out quite nicely. Check out the Waffle Log Blog, because if you’re anything like me, you’re delighted that it exists. If you want me to be delighted that your blog or other project exists, support the Hell, Inc. Patreon, which is how we pay for this corporate juggernaut to continue… jugging? It’s also how we pay for better sales pitches than that.

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The Chase

And now, this week’s REAL comic, after yesterday’s April Fools post. You can see the stylistic changes pretty clearly. Aside from the obvious addition of colour, the shapes are a lot more defined and polished.

I also had to be a lot more inventive with the panel layout, since the traditional nine panel grid doesn’t really translate to a strip. The nine panel grid is really ideal for this kind of moment, though, because it has such a strong feeling of moment-to-moment continuity. It’s like a film camera cutting from shot to shot rapidly.

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Candied Sheep Day

“Candied Sheep Day” was the title of the second issue of the original black and white Hell, Inc. print comics. It started to build on the events of the first issue to turn things into an over-arching story, but ended up being the last issue. The first issue wasn’t really intended to be the catalyst of a larger story, and was fairly self-contained. This time I knew going in that I had a longer-term game plan, so a lot of the things set up in issue 2 of the print series are already in motion. This time also has the benefit of colour, and being able to really go ham on the candy look.


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So it turns out I made some kind of error and this comic and the next one didn’t make it over to the new webhost in the migration. Not really sure what happened with that. I guess I posted them on the old host after the new one had migrated the site.


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Nobody Calls You

I use the second panel from this comic a lot in social media marketing posts. Also, those last four words feel kinda gross. Like the kind of thing a dude named Trip with an expensive suit and unearned self-confidence would say in a meeting to sound smart. “Social media” is a term that makes me cringe when I hear it said aloud. I don’t know what it is… maybe how artificial it sounds? I think my point is that I really like that second panel, and really hate that marketing is part of my job?


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