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Hell, Inc. has been on Top Webcomics for… I dunno, six months or so? In that time, the readership has grown A LOT, and that’s a pretty direct result of people voting for the comic on Top Webcomics. The more votes the comic gets, the higher it’s ranked, and the more webcomic readers will see it, which brings in more new readers.

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LAST DAY for Hell, Inc. on Kickstarter!

It’s the last day of the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter! It ends at 3 PM Mountain time (5 Eastern, 2 Pacific), so if you haven’t got your pledge in yet, there’s no time to waste! It’s rapidly approaching the $3K stretch goal, which will unlock the black and white Hell, Inc. comics for all backers. That’s FOUR books for $20 Canadian plus shipping. If you’re reading this, you already like the comic, so click the image below to pledge and get your name in the book!

Kickstarter Week 4 – Less Than 72 Hours Left!

WHOA! The Hell, Inc. Kickstarter campaign is very close to wrapping up. As of the time of writing, there’s less than 72 hours left. By the time you read it, there’s probably much less than that. Do you want to get the awesome new Hell, Inc. books before everyone else, and also get the original black and white Hell, Inc. comics (if we hit the stretch goal)? Of course you do. If you’ve been reading the comic, and like it (which, if you’re reading it… you probably do?), pledging toward the Kickstarter is the absolute best way to support it. Click the image to go to the Kickstarter page!


We’ve got some more media to shout out this week. Thanks to the folks at The Comic Book Yeti (reviewer Wells Thompson, specifically) for reviewing the new Hell, Inc. books and joining the ranks of people other than me who are telling you that these books are great.

Wells Thompson, The Comic Book Yeti –
@WellsAFP @ComicBookYeti

I’m going to keep things short this week, as the final Kickstarter wrap-up next week will probably be a bit lengthy. In the meantime, if you’ve considered supporting the campaign, GO DO IT NOW.

Hell, Inc. Kickstarter Week 3

In this, the third Hell, Inc. Kickstarter update, I have the best possible update – the campaign has successfully funded! It has hit the funding goal with 10 days remaining (at time of writing), which also makes it the most monetarily successful Kickstarter that I’ve run so far. So that’s pretty awesome. Thanks to all the readers who have supported it so far, and for those of you who will jump on board in the next week-and-a-bit.

The usual format for these update posts has been to include some pictures and then link to the week’s press, but there weren’t any new articles/podcasts/etc. this week. In what I imagine is a related development, it was also the slowest week so far in terms of new backers. Instead, this week I’m going to take a moment to talk about the stretch goals and our new chinchilla intern friends.

First, the stretch goals. There are three currently planned – at $3000, backers will receive physical or digital copies (or both) of the original black and white Hell, Inc. comics along with their shiny new full colour books. I think it’ll be something a bit unique, because the current iteration of Hell, Inc. is essentially a do-over. Backers will be able to read the original comics and the new books and see a side-by-side comparison of how my art, writing, and storytelling has changed over the decade between releases. Also, due to a printing error when I ordered the first issue, I ended up with 300 copies instead 100, so I have like 150 copies in my closet that I need to do SOMETHING with. They might as well go to readers!

The other stretch goals are related to a side project that started alongside those early issues, but has recently been revived and polished up – the Hell, Inc. roleplaying game. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game based on the core mechanics from a game called InSpectres, which is a heavily player-driven game that isn’t reliant on mechanics-heavy combat. At the $4000 mark, I’ll take the rules that are already written and do a full PDF with art and design. At the $5000 mark, that PDF will be printed as a physical book! I’ll likely write a much more detailed post about the game and how it works in the next few days. Click the images to check out the Kickstarter and begin the push toward unlocking the stretch goals!

I’d also like to officially welcome the two newest members of this operation. The rodent intern program has expanded, as we welcome a pair of chinchillas that have been dubbed the chinterns! They’ve been brought on board to help handle fulfillment of the Kickstarter, and then I’ll be figuring out what their ongoing role around here will be. So far it’s kicking poops out of their habitat at a prodigious rate and being impossibly soft.

This is Chinzilla. She is a force for destruction, and also has a big ol’ butt.

This is Rodant. She is very curious, and as a result tries to make a break for it and run around the kitchen on a regular basis.

They will be working alongside the guinterns to help me continue to provide the comics you have come to love (or at least like enough that you’re reading this).

Hell, Inc. Kickstarter Week 2

The second week of the Kickstarter to fund the Hell, Inc. is done! It wasn’t nearly as hectic as the first week, which I’m sure the guinterns were very pleased about. They’re animals that enjoy a good nap, so more time for that is ideal. Fiji has been hard at work managing the digital marketing involved in the campaign, while Boo has been in charge of print production. Let’s check in with them, then we’ll get to this week’s media shoutouts. You can click on the pictures of the guinterns to check out the Kickstarter!

We’ve added some new critters to the team, so look forward to next week, when I introduce you to the chinterns – a pair of chinchillas named Chinzilla and Rodant.

As with last week, there’s been some media coverage surrounding Hell, Inc., so check out their articles and hear more people tell you that the books are good and you should preorder them. You can also listen to me talk my dumb mouth-words in audio format, as I appeared on the Constructing Comics podcast to talk about (shockingly) making comics.


Michael Fromm, Monkeys Fighting Robots –

@MichaelFromm22 @monkeys_robots


Stephan Boissoneault, DAZE Magazine –

Podcast Interview:

Matt Kund, Constructing Comics episode 51 –

@Mkund @constructcompod

Hell, Inc. Kickstarter – Week 1

The first week of the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter, which felt like about a month and a half, is done! It’s been a very busy week, and now stands as the best first week any of my Kickstarter campaigns have had. I want to thank everyone who has pledged their support thus far, and encourage all of you reading this to do so as well – you’re going to get some awesome books out of it, and know that those books exist because of your help. That’s pretty rad, right? Click the image below to check out the campaign, and pick up your own copies of the books.

I also wanted to specifically shout out the folks in the comics press who have taken time to cover or review Hell, Inc. Writing about comics is a lot like writing about wrestling – only a handful of people actually get paid, and even fewer of them make a living. Those that cover indies like Hell, Inc. aren’t doing it for clicks, because that’s a terrible way to get them. They’re doing so because they’re passionate about comics and think the project is cool. So please check out their articles, and share them to help their reader base grow, and in turn help expand the audience potential for the independent creators they cover.


Dexter Buschetelli, Multiversity –

@drunkcomicsfans @multiversity

David Lyons, Driving Creators –

@LyonsdenCS @DrivingCreators

Jake Palermo, Gutternaut –



Brendan Montgomery, Sequential Magazine –

@seqmagazine @sequential_ca

Indie Comix –


Hell, Inc. is LIVE on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for the first two Hell, Inc. print books is LIVE! You can get both books in your corporeal meat-hands for $20 Canadian dollars plus shipping, or get a portrait of yourself in the style of Hell, Inc., or even the original art for one of the strips! This is your first opportunity at some Hell, Inc. merch, and sharing it is a great way to help spread the word about the comic!

Hell, Inc. Comes To Print – Kickstarter Live On August 19th

The first two print collections of Hell, Inc. will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting next Monday, August 19th! Book 1, Welcome to Hell… Inc. is a 60 page collection containing strips 1-42 of the webcomic and a short story called “Sara’s Morning.” Book 2, Candied Sheep Day, is also 60 pages and collects strips 43-84 and “The Missing Ingredient,” another short that will be exclusive to the book. You can get them both for $20 CAD, or pick up a sketch of you as a Hell, Inc. demon or even original art for one of the strips!

Vote for Hell, Inc. in the 2019 Ringo Awards!

It’s Ringo Awards season, and Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey and Hell, Inc. are both eligible. This isn’t a pros-only award, so anyone is welcome to vote!

If you’d be so kind, please vote for the following categories (you don’t need to vote for every category, there’s a lot):
Best Cartoonist – Jeff Martin
Best Graphic Novel – Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey
Best Webcomic – Hell, Inc.
Best Anthology – All We Ever Wanted (a bunch of my friends made this!)

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