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The Bus Waits for No Demon

This week’s comic made me hyper-aware that my buffer is down to two weeks, which means I need to get drawing again. My efforts lately have been focused on a new pitch packet (one of those will land, one of these days) and BURGERPunk stuff. There was a loooooot of BURGERPunk stuff to draw.


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Untitled Hell Comic

So I totally thought Doug’s balloon in the last panel would be bigger and cover up most or all of the building’s placard. And that’s how, by overestimating the size of a balloon, I made the name of Doug’s apartment building an Untitled Goose Game reference. It’s canon now.


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It Would Have Been Better to Eat a Person

No seriously though fuck executives. You know that adage that you get more conservative as you get older (presumably because you make money and want to protect it)? I have very much gone the opposite direction. At this rate, by the time I’m 70 I’ll be swinging battle axes at CEOs.


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Fart Bus

Drawing this strip involved Googling the phrase “fart monster” while students at one of the Drawn to Write camps were working on a project. It turns out there are roughly four hundred thousand children’s books about farting monsters. Who knew? The publishing industry, apparently.

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Exorcise Exercise

This strip is a slight twist on an actual encounter I had on the bus once. Years ago, I was taking the bus home from an RPG session (Rogue Trader, the Warhammer 40K roleplaying game that Fantasy Flight Games used to publish, if I recall correctly). It was a reasonably full bus, and I was sitting near the front. Two homeless guys sat down on the fold-up seats by the door. One of them started ranting and raving about demons, which nobody was paying attention to. Then he says “there’s demons right here on this bus” and looks right at me. Looks me right in the eye. I am now uncomfortable, but return to reading and ignoring him. Then he starts waving his arms and imploring other bus-riders to join him in exorcising the demons from the bus, which causes both me and about 10 other people to move as far back on the bus as possible. This just causes the guy to start exhorting his fellows to join him in exorcising the demons even more vigorously. At this point, the other homeless guy, who has sat silent the entire time, just grabs the other guy by the shoulder and pulls him back down into his seat, saying only “shut the fuck up about demons.”

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