Hockeypocalypse: Slashers Week 1 Update

Hockeypocalypse: Slashers has been live on Zoop for a week, now, and while it got off to a hot start, progress has stalled for a few days. This is common, but also incredibly frustrating because I genuinely believe that Slashers is the best book I’ve ever drawn, and I want people to be as excited for it as I am. It needs to cross the 50% mark this week to stay on track to, you know, existing, so if you’ve been meaning to preorder, don’t wait! Supporters aren’t charged until after the campaign is over, and adding more supporters creates a snowball effect of people wanting to get in on something that other people think is cool.

I also want to highlight a very fun new addition to this Hockeypocalypse campaign that wasn’t available previously: original art commissions! Do you want an original drawing of yourself or someone else as a hockey mutant? Of course you do. Those are available as add-ons for the campaign, at a much lower rate than my usual commissions! Click the example self-portrait to head to the Zoop campaign page!

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