Hell, Inc. is coming to Webtoon

Do you read Hell, Inc.? You’re reading this, so probably. Do you read comics on the Line Webtoon app? If so, you’ll soon be able to do both of those things AT THE SAME TIME.

On Monday, January 6th, Hell, Inc. will be launching on the Webtoon app in their vertical, scrolling format. I’ve restructured the first 25 pages for that format, and if the Webtoon posts pick up decent readership traction, I’ll continue reformatting strips until everything is available both on this site and the Webtoon app. I’ll be posting daily for the first week on Webtoon, then settling into a twice-a-week schedule until the Webtoon posts catch up with this site.

Click here to check out Webtoon, and if it seems like a way you want to read Hell, Inc., download the app (it’s free). Also, uh, let me know, because that’s useful information for me to have.

2 thoughts on “Hell, Inc. is coming to Webtoon

    • No need to use a phone, the comic is going to keep updating on this site like it always has. Nothing is changing there. Webtoon is just an alternate way to read it for people who prefer reading their comics that way.

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