Thank You For Your Patience
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Thank You For Your Patience

The Patreon preview for this comic talks about a piece of advice I gained from early-career shop talk that continues to be a regularly used tool in my toolbox.  It’s about using rounded surfaces in the art.


Ben Hamlin, host of Syndicated with Lesley and Ben (among other casted pods), is Employee of the Week, and I just made my fourth appearance on the show, this time discussing crime drama Better Call Saul! If you want to hear me talk about how artfully executed BCS is, then good news, you’ll have a great time listening to that podcast!

You should also vote for me in the Sequential Magazine Awards, in the Favourite Cartoonist category. It’s open to anyone who wants to vote, and you can vote in as many or as few categories as you want! I would like to say I am above the external validation of awards, but I am absolutely not. Click the image below to go to the page with the nominees and ballot.

If you’re still in a voting mood, you can also head over to Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below, where voting can help draw new readers to Hell, Inc.!

Next Week: Meanwhile, at the office… Read it early on Patreon!

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Patience

  1. LOLOL looks like bridget doesn´t have to worry about doing bad since high-as-a-kite helen is doing absolutely awesome

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