I Think I Broke It
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I Think I Broke It

I’m going to be at Calgary Expo from April 25th-27th, so if you’re also going to be there, come buy stuff. I’m going to be at table P41 in the Big 4 building, which is where all the artists are quarantined now. It’ll be the Canadian convention debut of Advanced Death Saves, which is a really cool anthology about roleplaying games that I contributed a story to. I’ve also got some new prints, and I think it’s also the first Canadian con for Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey.


Ben Hamlin is Employee (and Dungeon Master) of the Week. Much like me, he is grinding it out in the world of non-famous-before-they-started internet creators, which is a way less great world. Check out his Pathfinder actual-play podcast, Cursed. It’s about pirates. Based on my listening habits, I must assume that all podcasts are either RPG actual-plays, Warhammer-related, or on the How Stuff Works network. If you want help Hell, Inc. reach Critical Role levels of success, but don’t have $11 million, consider kicking a buck or two over to the Hell, Inc. Patreon. I use that money for wild shit like “my mortgage” and “eating.”

If you want to support Hell, Inc. for free, vote for it on Top Webcomics. The comic has only been on there for a month or so, but the daily average readership has increased by like 10x. It’s ridiculous. So let’s see how high we can get that number.

Next Week: Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby. Get yourself a treat on Patreon.

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