Fools Rush In… to the Elevator
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Fools Rush In… to the Elevator

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, I bring you the original Hell, Inc. page that the next strip (coming tomorrow) is based on. It features Bobby the Intern, who was replaced in the modern strip by Sara, who is both more fun to draw and a more interesting character. We also have Doug and B.L. Zebub, who simultaneously look the same and very different. Zebub, in particular, has really benefited from my improved cartooning abilities, I think. Tomorrow you’ll be able to see how this scene plays out in a horizontal format and with a slightly different context.

No Employee of the Week today – that’ll come tomorrow, when I’m not making a joke post. BUT, if you want to get a shout-out as Employee of the Week, check out the Hell, Inc. Patreon. Once we hit 20 backers, you’ll also get a print copy of Hell, Inc. #1 and 2 in the mail!

Tomorrow: A race to the elevator! Patrons have read it already, and you can too!

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