Floor People

This week’s Patreon preview involved discussion about how I handle compositions for actions that are repeated multiple times over the course of a series. I probably could have written an entire textbook on the subject if I had talked about HEAT, because that series involved drawing roughly 5000 lariats.


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The Worst Morning

We have reached the end of book 6! That’s the kind of thing I keep track of, but probably doesn’t come across or matter to you, the reader. The comic strip format of Hell, Inc. means that the story structure doesn’t have big dramatic splashes or cliffhangers that read as obviously being the end of an issue, like a print comic series does when it’s collected together. The story kind of flows along, with plot and jokes happening, and where a volume begins or ends is less important than what the main thrust of the book’s story is. I should write something about getting to the end of book 6, since that was originally supposed to be the end of the series.


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In the Patreon preview for this strip, I talk about the concept of joke density and my approach to incorporating it into Hell, Inc.


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Don’t Book a Massage in Hell

And that is the very weird line on which we end Hell, Inc. book 3, “Team-building Exercise.” Patrons have been able to read it for a few months now, so you should think about getting in on that action for the future.


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Sometimes I forget that Hell, Inc. is basically a romcom and needs scenes where people talk about their feelings, because I can’t assume everyone is understanding everything that facial expressions are usually carrying. On the other hand, too many of those scenes just gets lazy and hacky, so maybe it’s for the best that I approach writing it the way I do?


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You WANTED to Melt Your Skin Off

Listen, if you didn’t want to melt your skin off, you shouldn’t have assumed a shower in Hell would be less hot than the water cooler in Hell. Also, the first panel took a lot of time, because I pulled up all of the previous appearances of Doug’s apartment and used them to kluge together what the layout of his apartment could be. I realized that it had a hallway, so I needed to be a bit careful with making sure it didn’t end up being to big. Nobody in Hell should have a spacious, Friends-style apartment. Really, even having a one bedroom-one bathroom like Doug is probably too much, but I didn’t think it all the way through when I only needed to draw parts of some rooms.


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Taking the Stairs

I wanted to come up with an M.C. Escher/emcee Escher rap joke, but I couldn’t come up with one I liked, so here we are. I like to think that I do more with the comic strip format than most, as far as the formal storytelling elements of panel layout and page design go, but this is one of those cases where I feel like that’s really the case. And yes, the first two panels are based on the M.C. Escher drawing “The Stairs.”


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Couch Spiders

I’m not entirely sure why Sara sleeping on floors and Doug tripping over her became a running joke, but it has, and I fully intend to continue calling back to it in the future. Fun fact: this will be the first strip in the 3rd Hell, Inc. print collection (as of now untitled). The first two are on Kickstarter right now – this is your opportunity to make up for missing out on the ground floor of Apple or Google or Amazon, and get in on the ground floor of Hell, Inc.*

*Not actually a real corporation with shares, because nobody would let an artist run that.

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The Employee of the Week honours are going to be changed up a little bit for the next month as the Kickstarter runs. I’m going to be shouting out all of the Kickstarter backers from the previous week. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who is willing to spend their entertainment dollar on my work, and chooses to spend their time in the worlds I create. Is list form the best way to express that? Probably not, but it’s the form I’m going with. So without further adieu, the week one list.

Sean Tonelli

Sylvia Douglas

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Robbie Dorman

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Cindy Gauthier

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Gayle & Gary Martin


Paul D Jarman

Elaine Cassell

Daniel Schneider

Jaroslaw Ejsymont

Heather Rusk

Tayson Martindale

Chase Kantor

Brent Jans

Barrie Deatcher


Mountain Barber

Brent Finnestad

Kelly Tindall

Serah Blunt

Chad Colpitts

Variant Edition Comics & Culture

Mark Allard-Will

Chris Anderson

Matt Kund


Ian Mondrick

Jay Lofstead

Nicole Daenzer

Dan Collins

Whew. That’s a hell of a list (pun very intended). A heartfelt thank you to every person on that list, and for everyone who will be in future iterations of the list. Do you want to be at the top of next week’s list? Pledge your support to the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter.

Next Week: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Hopefully not the bathroom.

Catching The Beelzebus

“Beelzebus” was a joke I didn’t think of until I was drawing the transit sign, then promptly botched by spelling it wrong. Whoops! This is the first strip where I really had to figure out the palette for the comic, since the first strip mostly took place in the dark. For those interested in such things, most of the colour choices are “if you’re not sure what colour to use, make it red.”

Tomorrow: Getting to the office is half the battle. The other half is red and blue lasers. Wait, no, that’s GI Joe…

The Snooze Button

It’s the first Hell, Inc. strip!

For the first week of this exciting new adventure in webcomickery, I’m going to be posting a new strip every day. Then, starting next week, we’ll move to the usual schedule of one new comic a week, on Mondays.

Doug’s alarm clock is based on mine, although I keep mine out of my reach so that I can’t keep hitting snooze. Because otherwise… that snooze button is being abused and I’m never getting anywhere on time EVER.

Tomorrow: Time to greet the day!