Hell, Inc. Comes To Print – Kickstarter Live On August 19th

The first two print collections of Hell, Inc. will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting next Monday, August 19th! Book 1, Welcome to Hell… Inc. is a 60 page collection containing strips 1-42 of the webcomic and a short story called “Sara’s Morning.” Book 2, Candied Sheep Day, is also 60 pages and collects strips 43-84 and “The Missing Ingredient,” another short that will be exclusive to the book. You can get them both for $20 CAD, or pick up a sketch of you as a Hell, Inc. demon or even original art for one of the strips!

Vote for Hell, Inc. in the 2019 Ringo Awards!

It’s Ringo Awards season, and Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey and Hell, Inc. are both eligible. This isn’t a pros-only award, so anyone is welcome to vote!

If you’d be so kind, please vote for the following categories (you don’t need to vote for every category, there’s a lot):
Best Cartoonist – Jeff Martin
Best Graphic Novel – Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey
Best Webcomic – Hell, Inc.
Best Anthology – All We Ever Wanted (a bunch of my friends made this!)


Vote for Hell, Inc.!

Have you been enjoying Hell, Inc. so far? Want to help bring it to fresh new readers?

Hell, Inc. is now listed for voting on TopWebComics.com. Because TopWebcomic’s ranking system relies on reader votes, we need your help to boost it up the list and give it greater visibility! Simply click on the banner below and it’ll take you right to the voting portal. You can vote once every 24 hrs, so don’t be afraid to vote early and vote often!

Hell, Inc. on TV Tropes

Thanks to an industrious Hell, Inc. reader (aka my girlfriend Cait, who is on the couch playing Final Fantasy IX as I write this post), Hell, Inc. now has a TV Tropes page!


It’s a fun way to promote the comic that isn’t yelling about it into the abysses (abyssi?) that are Twitter and Facebook, so if you dig the comic and also enjoy you some TV Tropes, feel free to help grow the list of Tropes associated with the comic to help new people find it! And, y’know, fall into a tropehole for 35-or-so hours.

Hockeypocalypse: Cult of Hockey on Kickstarter

Those of you who follow me on social media will be aware that my new book, Hockeypocalypse: Cult of Hockey is on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Hockeypocalypse is probably the series I’m best known for, and after the success of Where Is Zog? on Kickstarter last year, I decided to take the new book to that platform to try to expand the audience. It’s an all-ages action/comedy series that tells the story of the mutants who inherit post-apocalypse Canada, and the society they build with hockey-as-ritual-warfare at the centre of it. As of this post, it’s already over 60% funded, but every dollar matters, so check it out.



The Unofficial Hell, Inc. Theme

Whenever I do panels or Q and A’s, somebody invariably asks about the influence of music on the artistic process. Often it’s about creating a vibe that puts me in a headspace that suits the comic. Other times, like with Where Is Zog?, it’s a central part of the comic’s genesis. In the case of Hell, Inc., one song is a bit of both. I present to you, the unofficial Hell, Inc. theme, “Live From The Plantation” by Mr. Lif. Looking back on it, I feel like this song has influenced a lot of my attitudes toward corporatism – you can draw a pretty straight line from this song to Hell, Inc.’s portrayal of office life.


WrestleMONia Sale

It’s Wrestlemania season, but this year I want you, fine reader, to join me in making it WrestleMONia season!

I’m running a sale over at my webstore, where my wrestling-themed comics – Wrestlemon and Kayfabe: A Wrestling Anthology – are 20%! No promo codes, no hassle, just a straight-up 20% discount. All books will be signed and have a little sketch, with Wrestlemon giving you the opportunity to get a custom sketch in your book at dirt-cheap prices!

Hit up my webstore before Wrestlemania to get in on the action!


Welcome to Hell… Inc.

After a lot of talking about it on Twitter, and posting work-in-progress images on Instagram, Hell, Inc. is a real thing with a website and art and stuff. If you were already a reader of my other comics, thank you for migrating over! If you’re new, welcome!

Starting on Monday, February 20th, Hell, Inc. will begin. I’ll be posting a new comic every day from the 20th to the 24th to give you all a taste of what the comic’s going to be like. From there, it’ll post once a week on Mondays. Cool? Cool.

To get the Patreon back up and running after the end of HEAT, I’m going to be throwing in an added incentive – the first 20 patrons will be getting print copies of the original Hell, Inc. #1 and 2. So if you like the comics that get posted in the first week, consider becoming a patron and tossing in a few bucks. Like the comic, but can’t support it monetarily? Share it on social media, and tell your friends about it! It’s free and helps A TON.